Virtual Showroom

Around the world, fashion retailers are looking to gain a competitive advantage by clearly visualizing and optimizing their merchandising and B2B sales process. To meet their needs, together with our artificial intelligence partners, PixelPool has developed an industry-leading interactive merchandising platform that allows users to quickly and accurately present merchandising layouts.

This platform originates from a custom development process for one of the world’s largest sports retailers, and has been effectively deployed in a range of countries and showrooms around the globe. Thanks to its smart capabilities, unique features and ease of use, the tool has unlocked new levels of visual fidelity, customization and collaboration opportunities, and has improved global brand alignment on merchandising and sales.

Building on this success, we will publicly launch our interactive merchandising platform on June 17th during PI Apparel New York at the PixelPool booth.

What’s more, we’re organizing a webinar and demo sessions this summer, where we will outline all of our interactive merchandising tool’s key features.

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“The old model of guessing eight to nine months in advance what the consumer might want isn’t going to work anymore”.

-Dick Johnson, CEO and president of Foot Locker

Key Tool Features

  • Designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to learn
  • Built for desktop and mobile platforms to allow integration of processes
  • High-definition, detailed 3D environments with optional VR support
  • Support for 3D virtual samples as well as existing product photography
  • Product grouping, filtering and sorting based on user and target audience
  • View and edit capacity, depth, allocations and other product attributes
  • Review assortments visually and analytically and make informed adjustments
  • Automated outputs, such as PDF planograms and Excel financial overviews

In development:

  • Web based (including multi-user in same store environment)
  • Cloud product library
  • Basic 3D library with color blocking tool
  • Compatibility with Browzwear
  • Compatibility with 2D artwork (product photos / line-art)
  • Flexible data table
  • Data analysis (AI)