Keeping it Real: Rethinking Store Boundaries.

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PixelPool's artist Valeriia Cheburkova on creating the ultimate Green Forest Stage and what inspired It.

At PixelPool, we recognize the undeniable significance of digital showrooms. We don’t just react to the latest trends but rather take the lead in driving change, and challenging the conventional limits of how business can be conducted. We understand that in today’s digital age, online showrooms are critical for businesses and therefore, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to leverage digital showrooms to their fullest potential.

Introducing the Green Stage

As part of Dtail Spaces, the showroom itself represents a beautiful synergy between the fragileness of nature and the rawness of industrial architectural aesthetics. At the center of the space is situated the “stage” where products can be displayed for additional exposure. Even though there is great attention to every detail, when designing the environment, the product showcased in it is yet kept in mind as the major focus.

To learn more about the creative process that goes behind making this idea of a forest store into a virtual reality, we sat down with Valeriia Cheburkova, the co-creator of the space, and explored what s the inspiration and the purpose of the Green Stage.

What inspired the space? What is the story behind it?
V: “The brief for the space was quite open so we had a lot of freedom. Since sustainability plays an important part for PixelPool we decided to go for nature as a main inspiration and merge it with industrial architecture to create something unusual and beautiful. Unexpected.”

How does this space leverages users to present their products compared to standard showrooms?
V: “Emotion! Evoking an emotion. We started wondering why does it have to be so realistic when everything is possible with 3D? Creating an immersive environment can impact the feeling of the product itself and how the viewer interprets it. In addition to that, the actual environment is flexible. Depending on the theme, season and aesthetics of the collection shown, features like leaves can be changed to snow for example.”

How easy is it to use and navigate through the space?
V: “The process is the same effortless one of changing features and navigating around the space as it is with the standard showrooms. Using drag and drop system to place and move rails, furniture, shelves, and products.”

What’s next? What is possible?
V: “There are no limits. It does, however, depend on the collection. We can tailor our creativity so that the space cohesively corresponds with the products being showcased. Considering that we are creating a virtual space, we can go beyond any standards of size and shape that would be otherwise hard to achieve in the real world.”

What is the process of creating a space like this from scratch?
V: “Once we have clarity on the brand and the core vision, we then move on to collecting visual references from various places and turning them into an inspirational mood board. This is the starting point for setting the mood of the project, deciding on the concept, and refining the color and material direction. Then we would jump onto creating some basic 3D forms in response to the inspiration and would usually have more than one option so that we can have a wider range of ideas for the clients to discuss. From then we continue refining details and clarifying final touches.”

What is next?
Everything is possible! We are excited to create spaces that are tailored and highlight the collections in the best possible way. With the product in mind, we can design a space that reflects the vision, season, and purpose of the product. And with creative freedom and digital expertise we can go beyond any standards to create one-of-a-kind showrooms.

Our drive at PixelPool is not to give our clients what they want, but to provide them with what they don’t know they need yet. Merging creativity and virtual unlimited possibilities with the new digital way of doing business inspires all our ventures and we are greatly excited to explore what the future holds.